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Welcome. Thanks for visiting my website. Come on in. Let's have a cup of coffee together. Peek into the garden and explore my writing, such as my debut novel, Eleanor's Song  

A coming-of-age. A thriller. Above all, a story of redemption and hope.

Susan Field, Author
Eleanor's Song Cover

Learn about the main character of Eleanor's Song by claiming a free sneak peek. Receive the prologue and first three chapters of this compelling historical novel. Click on this safe link (FREE sneak peek) to read an excerpt of the historical novel.


This offer is like standing in an ice cream shop. Hmm? What flavor should I choose for my double-scoop treat?


Reading the excerpt is like tasting a sample before you buy that delicious ice cream. Well, here's a taste for you to sample.

 Susan Field Writes & Forsythia Press, author of historical fiction about resilient women.

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