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Welcome. Thanks for visiting my website. Come on in. Let's have a cup of coffee together. Peek into the garden and explore my writing. I'm currently finishing my debut novel, Eleanor's Song, a World War II era fiction book.  

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"The Door I Open," a poem on healing was published in August in the 52nd edition of Rain Magazine. The literary magazine is available for purchase.

"The Shadow of a Decision," an excerpt from my forthcoming novel ELEANOR'S SONG, won 2nd place in the 2021 national Kay Snow Writing Awards, Fiction category!

And the same short story was published July 2021 in the literary journal, The Timberline Review, Issue # 10.

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A coming of age tale. A thriller. Above all, a celebration of redemption and hope.

Launching in Fall

2023. For more information on this novel, please click on the BOOK tab above.


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